Young Eagles Earn their Wings

Students in third, fourth, and fifth grade kicked off Fall Break Camp at Positive Tomorrows with an exciting, new experience: flying in an airplane. Volunteer pilots with the Young Eagles Program invited Positive Tomorrows students to Sundance Airpark, talked to them about flying, and then took them up in the air for new and exciting views of Oklahoma City.

“We saw roads and buildings and cows that looked so tiny because we were fifty stories high,” said Eliana, fifth grader at Positive Tomorrows. “I had never been in an airplane before, but I loved it. I even got to take the wheel and help the pilot fly the airplane!”

At the end of the field trip, students received special certificates and were recognized as official graduates of the Young Eagles Program. We are so grateful for these generous volunteers for giving our students a day they will never forget.

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