At Positive Tomorrows, we want to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty through education. As the only elementary school in Oklahoma specifically for homeless children and their families, we know what it takes to help make that goal a reality.


At Positive Tomorrows, helping the child is only the first step - we also help their families. When a family enrolls their child at our school, they also have access to an array of help and services. We start the same way, though, by meeting basic needs like food, clothing and medical care. Then we help with transportation, income and finally housing. Our end goal is for our families to be self-sufficient so that homelessness never gets in the way of their child's education.


Getting involved with Positive Tomorrows can take many forms! We rely on hundreds of volunteers to help provide services to children and families with education and support.

Our Mission


The Positive Tomorrows mission is simple: Educating homeless children and their families for life.

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