Extracurricular Opportunities: Writing Future Stories

Many factors outside of school lead to success in the classroom. At Positive Tomorrows, removing barriers like hunger, lack of basic necessities and access to medical care are critical to ensuring a child can learn, but educators don’t stop there. Extracurricular experiences help students hone skills that lead to long-term success.

During the school day students go to P.E., music, art, and French class. The Oklahoma City Ballet offers weekly school-wide dance lessons, complete with a new pair of  ballet slippers for every child.

When the school day ends at 3:15, the after-school program begins. Students participate in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire, music, theatre, yoga, swimming lessons, art, science club, and more.

During school breaks, day camp takes the place of school. This means that students receive three meals per day during the long holiday and summer breaks, but also that they take swimming lessons, visit museums, play sports, and experience live theatre.

This year, a handful of students showing promise in golf took private weekly lessons at Ball Golf Center. Others received boxing lessons at Western Avenue Boxing Gym. Positive Tomorrows provides the transportation, and lessons are offered free of charge.

“Our extracurricular program exposes our students to opportunities they would otherwise go without, but it is so much more than that” said Amy Brewer, Assistant Principal at Positive Tomorrows. “For many students a ballet class or a golf lesson is the tie that connects them to a future story, a reason to work hard every day. They can see themselves in college with a golf scholarship, they can envision success.”

A wide variety of activities are important in making sure each child can find a passion, that they each have something to look forward to.

“Everything we do is the most important thing to somebody here,” said Brewer. “I might never know what it is, or for whom it is, but that is why we do it.”

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Students Ameika, Aliyah and Antaniya participate in the First Pitch softball camp during Positive Tomorrows’ 2016 Summer Break Camp.