Theatre Club Performs Wizard of Oz

Nervous laughter came from behind a newly constructed set piece in Positive Tomorrows’ cafeteria as students practiced lines for their performance of The Wizard of Oz.

Students taped yellow paper bricks to the floor and enchanted forest foliage to the walls. Their teacher, Ms. Sam, made sure everyone was wearing the right costumes, and helped students set up folding chairs for audience members.

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma provided costumes: a scarecrow, tin man, lion and special attire for the part of Daniel Gale. Theatre club at Positive Tomorrows was nearly all boys this semester, so the ruby slippers became ruby sneakers, and the part of the protagonist, Daniel Gale, was performed by Kenneth, a fifth grader who loves to sing.

For the inaugural school musical, volunteers and staff were offered popcorn as they took their seats. To everyone’s surprise, even the littlest pre-k students participated, as munchkins of course.

This semester, students at Positive Tomorrows got to choose an after school club to participate in. Theatre, ballroom dance, cheerleading, forensic science, and knitting were offered – just to name a few. This gave students the precious power to choose and to learn more about activities they were passionate about.

At Positive Tomorrows, all extracurricular opportunities are offered completely free of charge and necessary supplies are provided. This summer, even though school is out of session, students will attend summer break camp where they’ll experience more theatre, science, ballet, yoga, swim lessons, museums and more!

It is only with the support of a generous community that Positive Tomorrows can provide these opportunities free of charge to students.

You can help by making a gift today!

James, Jalyn, Kenneth, and Antonio smile before performing The Wizard of Oz.