Teachers Make Home Visits During School Closure

The teachers at Positive Tomorrows have been doing a lot of things to continue engaging their students while the school has been closed during the pandemic. First, they began preparing lesson packets to deliver with the resource bags that were being dropped off to families each week. They formed private Facebook groups to stay in touch with their students through educational and personalized videos and posts. Then they began adjusting to distance learning plans when their students got access to the internet and received Chromebooks and mobile devices. They coordinated a two-day teacher parade, driving by where their students were staying and giving them words of encouragement from their vehicles.

Finally, our teachers came up with a way to safely begin visiting their students. Prepared with precautions to stay safely distanced, teachers began holding outdoor reading sessions, art lessons and more on the sidewalks, driveways, patios and parking lots of where their students were staying.

“The students and their caregivers are always ready and excited when we get there,” Mrs. Sue Gill, 1st/2nd grade teacher said. “It’s special bonding time one-on-one, and the kids tell me about what they are interested in learning about next week.  I treasure the time I have had with them.”

At Positive Tomorrows, our kiddos often come to us academically and socially behind their peers. We intentionally keep our classroom sizes smaller and have one teacher and a teacher’s assistant in each classroom to help give our kiddos the more personalized, one-on-one attention that helps them catch up in the classroom and gain valuable social skills.

When children are out of school, they tend to lose momentum academically. For our kiddos, the lost momentum is often more extreme and also occurs on the social level, so it was important for us to find a way to continue that connection with our kiddos, even when their classrooms were closed. Thank you to all our teachers who go above and beyond!

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