Take a Gold Star Tour

Would you like to take a tour of Positive Tomorrows?

Our school is a special place for many families. It provides stability, support, encouragement, and, of course, a quality education tailored to the needs of homeless youth who may struggle to integrate into public school. It’s a magical place that transforms lives. Sometimes you must see it to understand it.

If you are a volunteer or donor interested in becoming a part of the Positive Tomorrows family, please contact us for a tour of our facility. Gold Star Tours are typically given on the third Friday of every month at 9 a.m. Reservations are required.

All visitors will need to bring a state-issued ID to run through our EasyLobby system that checks against the sex offender registry.

Please RSVP to Taylor Trousdale or call us at 405-556-5082. The kids and staff at Positive Tomorrows are so excited to share our school with you.

Can’t join us in person? Watch our VIRTUAL TOUR