Swim Safety at the YMCA

This fall Positive Tomorrows teamed up with the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City to bring students water safety and swimming lessons. Each student participated in a two-week Safety Around Water course, learning not only how to swim and float, but also how to stay safe near swimming pools and lakes.

“It’s not your traditional swim lesson program,” said  Bryan Wilcox, Aquatic Director, YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City. ” The Safety Around Water program does teach some basic swimming, but it also focuses on self-rescue techniques and what to do if you accidentally fall in the water. Sixty percent of drowning incidents occur within 10 feet of safety, so this program is designed to teach more than just swimming in a straight line.”

Positive Tomorrows volunteers provided every student with a swimsuit and beach towel for the duration of the two-week program. Lessons focused on safety topics including breath control in the water, how to pull a friend to safety, CPR, putting on a life jacket, and even boat safety.

“Many of our students have never been in a swimming pool,” said Amy Brewer, Assistant Principal at Positive Tomorrows. “For them, learning to swim is much more than a fun childhood experience, it’s a health and safety issue. Thanks to the YMCA’s Safety Around Water course, we have an entire school full of students who have potentially life-saving knowledge and experience.”

“This group was a lot of fun, and they learned so much from this program,” said Wilcox. “It was a lot of fun for our instructors and for our YMCA branch to have a new group. The group from Positive Tomorrows got a great benefit out of it. We really did enjoy it.”