Highlights from Summer

We wanted to create a page where we can post updates and highlights from Summer Break Camp this year. Please check back as we continue to update this page throughout the summer! If you want to learn more about what we’re doing at summer break camp this year to keep our kiddos safe, click here.

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Week One

We had a successful first week implementing new protocols that would help ensure the safety of our kiddos during summer break camp this year! Our kiddos are troopers and adapted quickly to all the changes that were made! We spent a lot of time outdoors so we could be in fresh air and have room to social distance. That meant a lot of sunscreen! Our teachers also put down socially-distanced squares in our gym so we can safely watch movies together in the afternoons.



Week Two

Week two started off with a lot of new activities, including some water fun in our backyard! Thank you to everyone who helped with donating swimsuits for ALL of our kiddos so they could participate. It sure was a great way to beat the heat, and as one of our newest 4-year-old friends said, “All this water is unbelievable! I got too much wet!”


Week Three

Our third week of summer camp had us celebrating several of our kiddos’ birthdays, and we were finally able to get fresh vegetables from the garden that volunteers helped us plant in the spring. We used some of those fresh veggies to make some delicious zucchini muffins in our food lab! We closed the week with some fun roller skating at Scissortail Park’s new outdoor skating rink, which they reserved just for our kiddos!


Week Four

We celebrated a few more of our kiddos’ birthdays in our fourth week of camp, and we had a special visit from the Kona Ice Sno Cone truck out of Edmond! That was definitely a fun day, and our kiddos were so excited to enjoy sno cones outside. It really made it feel like summer!

Week Five

In our second to last week of summer break camp, we were able to get more veggies out of our garden and make some more zucchini muffins! We had some fun science experiments with mentos and coke and learned about some French history through a Bastille Day activity with our resident French connoisseur and super volunteer Madame Harper. Our kiddos even got a “special lunch” from community partners Rural Sourcing Inc., and Brielle’s Bistro, which our kiddos gave an A++++!

Week Six

Our last week of summer break camp was full of fun and celebratory activities, including a visit to Main Event and our annual end-of-camp talent show! We also celebrated the “last day” of several of our kiddos who will be transitioning into new public schools this fall. While we may not have these sweet kiddos as students anymore, we look forward to staying in touch with them and their families, hearing about their future success and maybe even seeing them again at future break camps!

Thank you everyone for all your help to make this summer a successful AND safe one!

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