Summer Camp Fun!

For most children, summer is full of t-ball games, swimming lessons, sleeping late, and playing with friends. But for a child whose main source of nutrition is school meals, summer can mean hunger. Homeless families often lack resources for day camps and enriching activities, making summer a season of fear and uncertainty.

At Positive Tomorrows, programs are in session year-round, including a six-week summer break camp. This year, students are going swimming, taking golf lessons, visiting museums, taking art classes, and so much more. No child has to worry about paying a fee or having the right supplies. Positive Tomorrows provides transportation to and from camp, three meals per day, and things like admissions, swim suits, and necessary supplies are all provided free of charge.

“I love all the museums we get to go to,” said Jayden, a 5th grader at Positive Tomorrows. “I especially liked the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum, because I had never heard about what happened there. The museum also had a lot of cool parts where we got to touch things and learn about science and buildings.”

While summer camp is full of fun, enriching opportunities, an academic component also ensures students continue to learn. Volunteer tutors work with students on differentiated reading and math plans to ensure academic success in the coming school year.

Our extracurricular program wouldn’t be possible without our generous volunteers and donors who make it possible. Learn more about becoming a volunteer or check out our needs list today!