Sprouts Supports Positive Tomorrows

Positive Tomorrows is proud to announce it is the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation. This award will help to provide meals to homeless children when school is out of session, during Positive Tomorrows’ break camp programs.

“Hunger is one of the greatest barriers to learning our students face,” said Susan Agel, President and Principal at Positive Tomorrows. “School breaks can be stressful for our families who often lack access to food, so we host day camps during school breaks. By helping to fund our meal program, the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation is ensuring that our students have full tummies and adequate nutrition. We are so grateful.”

Thank you Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, for taking care of our students!

Learn how you can support the kids at Positive Tomorrows today.