Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF) is a unique and mutually beneficial way for you to support the students and families at Positive Tomorrows. OSF is a scholarship-granting organization, providing scholarships to lower-income K-12 students attending accredited private schools.

Participating donors are eligible for tax credits and charitable contribution deductions. Under the program an Oklahoma state tax credit of 50% is offered for donations to the fund, and a 75% credit is offered for equal amounts pledged for two consecutive years. Tax credits are available to both individuals (up to $2,000) and businesses (up to $100,000).

The program has provided more than 250 scholarships to students experiencing homelessness in Oklahoma City since OSF began. Our families are most grateful!

Support a student at Positive Tomorrows and maximize your tax benefits with a gift to our school through the Opportunity Scholarship Fund. Ask your accountant about this Oklahoma tax credit scholarship program and visit osfkids.org/donate to learn more and download your donor form today. If you have questions, contact Brandon Brooks at (405) 556-5082 or bbrooks@positivetomorrows.org.