Lexia Superstars

At Positive Tomorrows, our teachers use the Lexia Core5 Reading system to help get our kiddos caught up and on track for reading success! The Lexia Core5 Reading system is a personalized, online program that engages students through motivating and fun literacy-building activities while tracking progress in real-time.

What does this mean for our students and teachers? For our students, the system is adaptive to meet them where they are and can adjust the instructional intensity of the activities over time to help them reach year-end, grade-level benchmarks. For our teachers, the system helps teachers be more effective in where they direct their attention through real-time assessments that can indicate when it may be time to intervene with additional support.

“It was really fun getting a certificate at assembly,” Natalie*, a 2nd grader at Positive Tomorrows who recently completed Level 9, said. “It makes me want to read even more!”

Because many of our kiddos come to us behind on their reading levels, the Lexis Core5 Reading system helps reduce the stigma of “being behind” because of its unique, personalized approach. Lexia research is peer-reviewed by outside education experts, and meets the standards of evidence under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


*name changed for privacy purposes.