Health Care Makes Learning Possible

Many factors outside of school impact success in the classroom. Removing barriers like hunger, lack of basic necessities and access to medical care are all critical to ensuring a child can learn. Positive Tomorrows addresses them all.

Positive Tomorrows collaborates with several community partners who provide medical, dental, mental health, optical and audiological care for students. Our relationships with Variety Care, Cornerstone Eyecare and the University of Central Oklahoma’s Speech-Language Pathology program are crucial components of the wrap-around services Positive Tomorrows is able to provide to families.

Our holistic approach aims to connect children with necessary screenings and follow-up services, and to help parents develop an active relationship with a primary care physician.

Positive Tomorrows’ Family Support Coordinator facilitates student health care, scheduling appointments during the school day and providing transportation to and from medical visits, all while partnering with families so that they are kept aware of student health needs and how to meet them.

In collaboration with our Special Education Teacher, we are also able to request prescriptions form a doctor for occupational therapy and other therapeutic services that can be hosted at school for the convenience of students and families.

Learning becomes difficult if a student cannot see clearly or is suffering from chronic toothaches. Your support makes it possible for us to continue to help address the basic needs of our students and families, including access to health care.