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Our school and family support programs are made possible by donations from people like you who believe everyone has the potential to succeed. We offer our students and families stability in a stressful time of transition, and help them achieve their goals so they can break the cycle of homelessness. All donations directly benefit the students and families of Positive Tomorrows.

Be part of the solution. Donate.

Financial contributions

We rely on donations from individuals, companies, churches, foundations, and other groups to pay for the daily operation of our school. As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, your donations are tax deductible. There are many ways to contribute, from planned giving to one-time donations.

Opportunity Scholarship Fund

Contributing through the Opportunity Scholarship Fund is unique and mutually beneficial way to continue to support the children and families at Positive Tomorrows. Participating donors are eligible for tax credits and charitable contribution deductions. Learn more about the program here.

Corporate sponsorships

Our corporate partners are vital to the success of Positive Tomorrows. If you are interested in partnering with us through event sponsorships, monetary support, in-kind donations from your business, or employee volunteer opportunities, please contact us today.

In-kind donations

We gladly accept in-kind donations of services (landscaping, maintenance, professional services) and products (clothing, basic necessities, backpacks, food). Please contact us to discuss how you can help.


Supplies needed

We are always in need of school supplies, clothing, personal care items, and many other items.
View our current needs list

Fund a Need

By sponsoring a specific need or project, you can see your dollars at work. To learn how to sponsor a classroom, sponsor a child, fund a Birthday party, donate a Christmas in a Box and more.

Participate in a fundraising event

We have a great schedule of events throughout the year. These fun events are a great way to get to know us and support us at the same time.

Organize your own campaign

There are many ways to help Positive Tomorrows. If you have an idea for a fundraising event, please contact our development team at (405) 556-5082 or We love to collaborate!

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View our financials, audits, 990’s and more on our complete GiveSmartOKC profile.

We are so grateful for the individuals, foundations, and businesses that make it possible for us to help homeless children day after day.