First Day, New School!

Positive Tomorrows students high-five friends on way into schoolOn Dec. 2, we welcomed all our kiddos to their first day of classes in our new school!

As our students exited the bus and vans, they were greeted by a high-five tunnel of staff, board members and friends. They walked under a kaleidoscope of color under the specially designed covered walkway leading into the school’s front entrance.

The kids took to the new school like they had always been here. After having a nice, warm breakfast served in our cafeteria/family room, the kids gathered in the gym for morning assembly. They then made their way toward their classrooms, stopping along the way to see their cubbies with brand new backpacks waiting in them from the OKC Thunder.

This day was the first time the kids had gotten to see their new classrooms on which their teachers worked extra hard to get ready during Thanksgiving week. Some of the things they loved most about their classrooms were the attached bathrooms, the new furniture, and, of course, all the extra space!

All the kids got to practice a musical number they were performing the next day in the room dedicated just for art and music. In the afternoon, kiddos got to enjoy the new playground at recess. The rock climbing wall at the back of the playground was a huge hit!

If there were any first-day jitters, you certainly couldn’t tell. The whole day was a huge success, in large part because of your support!

We are excited for what this new school means for our kiddos, their families and for the community of people who stand behind them. 2020 is going to be an amazing first year!


Positive Tomorrows students in line for breakfast Positive Tomorrows at morning assembly

Positive Tomorrows students at new cubbies Positive Tomorrow students in their new classroom

Positive Tomorrows students on the new playground equipment Positive Tomorrows students on the climbing wall