Entrepreneurial Skills With Weokie Credit Union

Last semester, students in the 4-5th grade classroom at Positive Tomorrows participated in Weokie Credit Union’s entrepreneurship program, “Never Too Young.”

Over the course of 11 weeks, students learned to create a business plan, develop a brand, and make their own products to sell at the program’s culminating event, Market Days.

Students created a theme for Market Days: Thunder Blue – Come Storming In! They produced a commercial inviting volunteers, staff and media to come shop with special currency.

Customers purchased duct tape wallets, jewelry, artwork, light sabers and more. When the event was over, students calculated their profits and purchased prizes.

“The kids learned so much, but they also developed a real sense of pride in what they achieved,” said Mary Bowler, 4-5th grade teacher at Positive Tomorrows. “It was a great lesson in business and also an important experience in planning and setting goals and achieving them. It was so much fun.”


Above: Eliana counts currency for Positive Tomorrows President, Susan Agel, to spend during Market Days.
Below: Kenneth poses with his business “Lil Monsters” during Market Days.