High Structure – High Love™

Positive Tomorrows Offers Trauma-Informed Training

Today, over 90% of Oklahoma City Public School students qualify for free lunch and the numbers of students living in deep poverty is rising. These students are overwhelmed by trauma and lack resources that traditional classroom constructs are often unable to meet.

With High Structure – High Love™ training, schools can create character-rich classrooms that teach both the cognitive and non-cognitive skills that allow all students to thrive.

This three-hour training will explain the educational philosophy High Structure – High Love™ as it is used at Positive Tomorrows, Oklahoma’s only elementary school specifically serving homeless children.

After attending this training, participants will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the daily struggles students living in deep poverty face
  • Develop a new standard of school culture and climate that highlights routine and support
  • Leave with classroom and school-wide strategies to help staff better serve students living in deep poverty

To schedule your training and inquire about the cost of training, contact Positive Tomorrows at structureandlove@positivetomorrows.org or (405) 556-5082.

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