We are Bucket Fillers

IMG_3690_2Lesliyana, Anjelle, and Catera ran excitedly down the hall, smiles wide with news to share.

“Guess what we’re doing?” Catera said. “We are making care packages for the less fortunate!”

The girls held tightly to plastic bags filled with toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other hygiene items. These hygiene bags were for residents of the Homeless Alliance’s day shelter, WestTown.

Our students volunteer every year at the Regional Food Bank. They spend time with residents at retirement communities. They’ve even created banners for one of the Bella Foundation’s adoption events.

This year, our first and second graders are learning to be “bucket fillers.” You fill someone’s bucket with love, kind words and thoughtfulness. And when you fill someone’s bucket, guess what? Your own bucket also overflows.

Our students know what it feels like to be hungry, to be cold, to be without basic necessities. But thanks to a generous community, they know what it feels like to come to Positive Tomorrows every day, where their tummies are always full, they’re always warm, and they don’t have to worry about having the right shoes for P.E. or $5 for the next field trip. They feel that they belong here.

During this season of generosity, we want to say thank you to all of our donors and volunteers, to all of our “bucket fillers.”  We couldn’t do it without you.