Back to School Check-Ups

Going back to school at Positive Tomorrows means filling cubbies with school supplies for students and ensuring they have basic needs met so they can focus on learning. It also means making sure kids are healthy, which is why Positive Tomorrows coordinates access to medical, dental, optical, and audiological care for students.

The school collaborates with community partners who provide services at no cost. Positive Tomorrows case managers provide transportation and schedule appointments during the school day, all while working with families so that they are aware of needs and how to meet them.

This year, Positive Tomorrows case managers coordinated medical check-ups and dental care at Variety Care, with the goal of empowering families to utilize primary care physicians and schedule preventative dental screenings. Students received well child checks as well as follow up care when needed.

“We are thrilled to work with Variety Care to provide access to medical care that can follow our students beyond their time at Positive Tomorrows,” says Kelly Berger, Director of Family Support. “Our families are making connections, and learning to navigate the healthcare system for their children as well as for themselves. These are lifelong skills and healthy habits that they are developing.”

Students from the University of Oklahoma School of Audiology visit Positive Tomorrows to provide hearing tests for students, and Cornerstone Eyecare provides exams and glasses free of charge for kiddos who need them.

“If you can’t see the board or hear your teacher, learning doesn’t happen,” says Berger. “We are so grateful for our community partners who makes sure our kids are healthy.”

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