A Note on Our Next Chapter

To our beloved friends,

Fall is a time of transition. It’s one of the most fun times of the year at Positive Tomorrows. There are Halloween costumes made specifically for every child, precious pre-k students learn to cook homemade applesauce and the holidays are just around the corner. Soon, a shiny New Year will welcome us with all its promise of good to come. We’re in the midst of our own transition at Positive Tomorrows and it’s time to tell our friends about it.

I will be retiring from my role here on January 31st and Margaret Creighton, executive vice president, will step into the CEO role.

To be truthful, I have mixed feelings about leaving the best job in the city. When I came to Positive Tomorrows in 2009, we had about 18 staff members, a budget of $800,000 and served less than 30 students. Today, our staffing has doubled, our budget is $3.3 million and we have the capacity to serve nearly 120 students. We’re in a state-of-the-art educational facility that’s completely paid for and plan to have more than 200 enrollment spots open within the next few years.

I get many compliments about how PT has prospered. But the fact of the matter is that YOU deserve the credit. Whenever we had a need, you stepped up. We ask for a couple of basketballs and get 40. We launch a three-year capital campaign and surpass our goal in 18 months. Because of your support, we often see children grow three grade levels in one academic year. Oklahoma City is tremendously generous and I am moved as I contemplate how many children’s lives are improved because our community went to work.

The future is bright for Positive Tomorrows. Margaret is a strong, capable leader ready to take on the task. Keep watching us grow. We still need your support and generosity. There are children all over the state and country who need the services Positive Tomorrows provides. And I think the sky’s the limit.

With gratitude,