Knotty Ladies Present 300th Blanket

For the last few years a thoughtful group of women at Touchmark Retirement Community has been making knotted fleece blankets for students at Positive Tomorrows. They call themselves “The Knotty Ladies.”

Every year they deliver a blanket for every child to take home and a handful to keep at the school for sleepy or sick children.

Louise Haaland formed the group when she moved to Touchmark, modeling it after a similar effort she observed in Minnesota. Haaland, 90, said people don’t lose their ability to help others just because of their age.

 “Making blankets is something we can do that is simple, but it helps someone,” she said. “It gives them warmth, and it gives us a warm feeling knowing we are helping others.”

This April, the Knotty Ladies presented their 300th blanket to Positive Tomorrows! In a special celebration at Touchmark Retirement Community, they presented Susan Agel, our President & Principal, with a certificate commemorating the occasion.

The Knotty Ladies were recently a recipient of KFOR’s Pay It Forward. Learn more about this deserving award they received here.

Susan Agel, Positive Tomorrows President & Principal, receives a certificate
commemorating the 300th blanket from the Knotty Ladies.