Achieving Goals

For students and adults alike, the thought of finishing a 5K can be daunting. But at Positive Tomorrows, crossing that finish line is an annual goal set and achieved by every single student.

During the spring semester, students train during weekly P.E. classes and everyone receives a new pair of tennis shoes. The day of the race, teachers make sure tummies are full and volunteers staff water stations along the 5K course.

Whether they walk or run, every child breaks through the finish line. Pre-k students can participate in a shorter fun-run, but even the littlest runners were up for the 5K challenge this year!

Awards are given not only for the fastest runners, but also for those who show good sportsmanship, who support other runners, and who have worked hard all year in P.E class.

The two top runners even get to go with Our P.E. Coach, Coach Jenn to Red Coyote for a pair of custom-fit running shoes. It is truly a special day.

Homeless children are rarely in one place for very long. Their families must focus on surviving and taking care of what they need right now. For families living in crisis, thinking about the future and setting goals can easily become a luxury.

“This is the first medal I’ve ever won,” said X’Zaevion, a second grade winner. “I am so proud of myself. I can’t believe I did it!”
The pride students feel lasts far beyond the track. For children who often hear the word no, completing this 5K teaches them that yes, they can achieve their dreams.

It shows them, first hand, that hard work and tenacity are worth it. They learn how to set a goal, and they get to feel the joy of achieving it.

At Positive Tomorrows, volunteers make events like the 5K possible. Interested in changing the life of a child? Learn how you can get involved!