Our Mission

Our mission is simple: educating homeless children and their families for life. We use education to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. We help in three main ways:

Removing Barriers

For homeless children, many barriers get in the way of an education. They often worry about when their next meal will come or where they will sleep, leaving little energy left to worry about schoolwork. We remove barriers by picking up our students each morning. Then we give them a hot breakfast, lunch and afterschool snack every day to make sure they aren't hungry. Basic essentials - like clothing, school supplies, personal care items and medical attention - are also given to our students. With these issues out of the way, our students can focus on learning. 

Supporting the Family

Family instability and chaos is one of the main reasons our students fall behind academically. Helping families get stable is one of our main goals. Our staff works with each family to meet their basic needs: food, clothing, transportation, shelter. Then we help them get income, learn vital life-skills and get into stable housing. Stability and self-sufficiency make sure that education never has to take a back seat to survival.

Educating the Homeless Child

Homeless children are often behind 1-to-2 years academically and socially. To change that, our students need a lot of individual attention and specialized education. We start by testing our students to find out what they know - and what they lack - in their education. That testing allows our teachers to create specialized lessons to teach our students. Each classroom has only 16 students, paired with a teacher and a teacher's aide. We meet our students at their level, then help get them to where they need to be to succeed.

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